Friday, 17 March 2017

Refresh Special part 5

Welcome to the last day of specials for the Refresh Sale over at Xanderous Crafty Stash.

Special #13
Stork with baby
This lovely charm has a dangle all of it's own.  Perfect for baby cards, layouts and mini albums to name just a few ideas.  For today only, you can buy these for just 25p (regular price 30p each)

Special #14
Mini stars
These lovely little stars are small and lightweight and will work on so many projects.  They can be glued on or attached using a brad, lace, ribbon or string.  For today only you can get a pack of 10 for just 25p (regular price 30p)

Special #15

 Silver Filigree Moon
This charm is great used either on it's own or with another charm dangling from it.  All you need is a small jump ring and a pair of pliers.  (I will do a video soon).
For today only these are just 35p (regular price 40p)

Thank you every one for checking out the daily specials this week.

Naomi x

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